Germination vessel

The freshly-grown sprouts include the most valuable substances for our health. Thanks to a sprouter, we can have access to delicious and extremely healthy, organic sprouts, devoting just 3 minutes a day regardless of the season.

Using a sprouter is a very convenient method, which allows you
to grow several types of sprouts at the same time.
Sprouts need to be flushed 2-3 times a day, preferably using lukewarm
boiled water. After each washing, make sure that the water
drains evenly from each level.

Sprouts make you rejuvenated and fitter


Watch how our sprouter works!


Description of elements
Sprouter elements

1. Vents - the roof and the individual plates for germination were provided with three vents for discharging gas and oxygen.
2. Lid - guarantees a stable, humid climate, even with temperature fluctuations.
3. The germination plates - three levels of a 20 cm diameter. They can germinate three different species of seeds at the same time or continue to harvest by sowing seeds gradually.
4. Drains - provide a steady outflow of water and regulate humidity.
5. The water tank - after hydration excess water accumulates in the lower reservoir (water is well- suited for watering flowers).

Transparent walls of the vessel provide the seeds an equal access to light, so that the sprouts grow better.

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Individual project
Sprouter package

We provide sprouters both in packaging with the logo of Provita
and without one - for customers having their own packaging.

For larger orders, we offer to desing and print a professional packaging according to customer preferences. Detailed terms and conditions are determined individually, after former contact and discussing the expected demand.


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